Customer Grievance Redressal Policy
Objectives and Scope
This policy outlines a structured grievance redressal mechanism available to customers,
regulators and other parties for escalating their complaints to obtain a resolution. Softmint
strives to provide best-in-class service delivery and has a dedicated customer care team that
operates 24X7 for addressing such complaints.
Redressal Matrix
Name & Contact Details Remarks
Customer Care Team
+91 99 9972 648
Softmint Customer Care team will acknowledge
the complaint with a ticket number
Response/Resolution TAT – Please refer the
product-wise timeline for 1st level resolution
as enclosed
If a case needs extra time, Softmint customer
care team will inform the same along with
reasons to the customer.
Level 3
Level 1
Grievance Redressal Team
+91 957 0420 937
In case Level 2 resolution is not satisfactory,
customer can escalate the same to the
Grievance Redressal Team
Note: Unresolved ticket number of 1st level is
For any unauthorized/fraudulent transaction
reporting, the regulatory authority or customer
can skip previous levels and directly send a mail
to the Grievance Escalation Team.
Note: Calls to the Grievance Redressal team shall
be attended on (working days) Monday to Friday
between 10.30 A.M to 6.30 P.M
Response/Resolution TAT – 5 Working Days
Level 2
Senior Support Team
+ 91 875 7237 359
In case Level 1 resolution is not satisfactory,
customer can escalate the same to the Senior
Support Team
Note: Ticket number of 1st level and email
response from Grievance team is mandatory
Response/Resolution TAT – 5 Working Days
Please Note:
a. Customers are advised to follow the hierarchy of the redressal matrix. Skipping levels in the redressal matrix
may lead to failure in acknowledgement and resolution of grievances.
b. Customers are strictly advised to refrain from reporting disputes on social media platforms for security
**Regulatory Bodies, Law enforcement agencies and Partner Service Providers are requested to reach out directly to
the Grievance Officer for speedy redressal.
Softmint Digital Services Private Limited, 2021